How to grow carrots at home

The carrot is one of the crops that is a must in the garden, many think that it is a difficult crop to grow, but is quite the opposite. It is a crop that could be planted throughout the year due to the versatile temperature range that it could develop. Also is great for those … Read more

Do tomatoes need full sun – Complete answer

The question is: Do tomatoes need full sun? Well to start, light is a significant climatic parameter that influences tomato growth. Environmental factors influence the growth and performance of plants by affecting their physiology. Among the climatic factors, the most notable are temperature, light, CO2, and relative humidity. In this blog, we will talk about … Read more

How much water tomatoes in pots need

The question is: How much water tomatoes in pots need? Well, watering your plants correctly has a fundamental role in the development of the plant. Too little water can be a problem, but watering too much is also harmful to the plant. When we grow tomatoes in containers it becomes even more critical since the … Read more

How to grow onions – Step by Step

In this blog post, you will learn all the important steps in how to grow onions. From the materials, you need up to a detailed step-by-step guide. First things first let’s get to know our plant before starting. Is a common mistake to throw the seeds and hope to see some progress not knowing what … Read more

How to grow tomatoes indoors

In this blog post, you will learn the step-by-step guide to How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors. The principles are the same as growing outside since the plant needs the same factors to grow healthy. Nevertheless, it’s important to take note of some specific points when considering planting indoors. The planting process has 5 main steps. … Read more